Dongsung pharmaceutical with 60 years of history provides customer oriented total services and future oriented marketing which covers cosmetics and finished medicine.
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The trace of Dongsung pharmaceutical that has developed the first new products, and that will be the best global company in the future.
동성제약 현재 ~ 2011년도 연혁표
2019. eZn Light Up Hair Bleach awarded as ‘Olive Young 2018 Health & Beauty Awards’
Dongsung Bio Pharm-KERI(Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute) was selected as 'Top 10 Research Results in 2018' for developing ‘Fluorescence Laparoscopy and Photodynamic Technology for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer’
Awarded the Health and Welfare Minister’s ‘2019 Public Health Contribution to the Future Happiness Award’
Participated in ‘Shanghai CBE(China Beauty Expo) 2019’ for Dongsung RANCCE Cream
2018. Closed a contract agreement with Ulsan University and Seoul Asan Medical Hospital for the PDT-technology transference of Photo Dynamic Therapy.
Closed a contract with Taihan Fiberoptics on the exclusive supply of the medical optical fiber probe.
Awarded a 1st place award called “Director of Korean Food and Drug Administration prize” at ‘2018 future safety happiness award’ ceremony.
Awarded a prize, ‘Governor of GyeungGi-do Province Commendation’, on the 19thSocialWelfareDay.
Awarded a grand prize of ‘2018 Seoul Metropolis Civic Service Award’.
Awarded a grand prize of “Health Welfare Grand Prize” at ‘2018 Korea Lohas 365 Award’.
Rannce Cream, awarded a grand prize at ‘2018 Korea Consumer Award’.
2017. Held 1stSongeumHealthMarathonCompetition
ImpCompleted the establishment of Daegu Cancer Center, a new pharmaceutical laboratory of Dong Sung Bio Pharm.
2016. Awarded the first happiness sharing person by Minister of Health and Welfare
Implemented the 7th Seven Eight Day
2015. Released Seven Eight comfortable hair dye/easy hair dye
Released AC care Farmer's Pharmacy
Released fragrance free color cream No. 4.5 new color for hair styling and gray hair
2014. Awarded beautiful Korean people prize of the 4th Sejong the Great sharing volunteer grand prix
Launched pure the Salon hair color in home shopping
Launched 'Easy & shaking pudding hair color' in Olive Young
'Potoron' the second generation photosensitizer for Photodynamic therapy was designated as rare medicine.
2013. Released pure the salon treatment to GS home shopping
Released Dongsung Lans cream which is whitening functional cosmetics
Released Omar Sharif silk which is a make-up brand
2012. Released 'Ato24' new product for sensitive skin protection
Succeeded in the development of silkworm spring color cosmetics jointly researched with Rural Development Administration.
Released new product, 'Dongsung DEOSCALP' which is deodorant of hair smell
2011. Established Dongsung LUMAX (LED business)
Released new product 'Bubble bee foaming hair color' which is foam hair dye
Awarded Social welfare contribution citation by Mayor of Seoul
Awarded 5 million dollar export tower prize and a citation by minister of knowledge and economy
Awarded contribution prize by Rural Development Administration