Dongsung pharmaceutical with 60 years of history provides customer oriented total services and future oriented marketing which covers cosmetics and finished medicine.
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Taking our product development and brand development skills to Asia and beyond,
Dong Sung Bio Pharm is expanding its’ footprints in the world.

CEO of Dongsung pharmaceutical, Lee Yang Gu photo Hello, I am Yang Gu Lee, the CEO of Dong Sung Bio Pharm.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our customers who have supported Dong Sung and what we stand for.

Dong Sung was established in 1957 with a core mission to promote healthy lifestyle. Under this mission, we have been producing products that reflect the care for humanity. Due to the loyalty of our consumers, Dong Sung has been able to become a competent maker of medicine, cosmetics, and household items.

Jeongrowhan is a product that was launched in 1972. As Dong Sung’s biggest household brand, this OTC medicine has contributed in improving overall gut health by eradicating stomach upsets and diarrhea from our everyday lives.

In the cosmetic industry, Dong Sung has developed unique lines of cosmetic and self-hair dye products under the slogan of “Health from Nature, Beauty from Nature.” Keeping a strict guidelines for ethical manufacturing, our beauty products have been inspired by natural ingredients and we use cruelty-free methods to promote the well-being for our environment.

As an example, Dong Sung has launched beauty products that became iconic and timeless such as Seven Eight and eZn Shaking Pudding Hair Color. With the ceaseless effort to enhance our R&D department, we strive to come up with products that are innovative and convenient to use.

As our main future growth engine, we have invested in the photodynamic therapy business which will make cancer treatment easier for the doctors and the patients and cure-effective with lessened risk of post procedure side effects.

Dong Sung’s such efforts are anticipated to gain recognition in the international market as it takes its’ know-hows abroad to Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

We ask for your genorous support and interest in the future.
Thank you.

CEO of Dong Sung Bio Pharm, Lee Yang Gu