Dongsung pharmaceutical with 60 years of history provides customer oriented total services and future oriented marketing which covers cosmetics and finished medicine.
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We have performed multifaceted business such as advanced medical technology area,
accumulated hair dye technology and new concept functional cosmetics in keeping with the changing social environment.
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Company introduction Founded in 1957, Dongsung pharmaceutical has led 60 years to be a mid-size pharmaceutical. We have taken the lead for the modernization of pharmaceutical industry by establishing KGMP factory and central research center with high end facility in Asan, Chungnam. We have international competitiveness by producing high quality medical product through strict quality control and the high quality hair dye through accumulated new technology. 동성제약 본사 전경사진
Company philosophy
Health from nature
'Health from Nature', the health and beauty searched in the nature, means the realization of health and beauty through value discovery from nature and coexistence with nature.
Dongsung pharmaceutical are dedicating to nature friendly products development in the various fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hair dye and photodynamic therapy under the corporate philosophy 'Health from Nature'.

We will realize the product which can contribute the national health with the vision orienting 100 years corporate and the material founded in the nature as a future growth engine.
Corporate motto Dongsung pharmaceutical makes harmony, sincerity and creativity as corporate mottos which have been the foundation of corporate management by progressively succeeding them up to now from the company foundation.
Harmony-Harmony of ability of Dongsung persons creates high added value./Creativity-Exclusive excellent competency and potentiality owned by Dongsung persons will accomplish the development of corporate./Sincerity-We try our best for the world health beyond our country based on the exclusive sincerity of Dongsung persons.