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Information Processing Policy of DONGSUNG PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD

Dongsung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as "our company") informs for which purpose and system the image information are used and managed through image information processing policy and management guideline.

1. Ground and purpose of Image information processing policy offering

Our company has installed, operated the image information processing device for the following purpose in accordance with clause 1, Article 25, Personal information protection Act.

- Facility safety and fire prevention
- Prevention of crime for customer's safety
- Prevention of other vehicle theft and breakage

2. Number of installed unit, location of installation and shooting range

Table for administrative manager and Operations manager information
Number of installed unit Location of installation and image acquisition range
5 units 1.Location of installation : Building entrance, parking lot
2..Image acquisition range : Vehicle entrance and parking lot, entrance doorway

3. Administrative manager and Operations manager

We have following persons in charge of personal image information protection in order to protect your image information and to handle complaints about personal image information.

영상정보 관리책임자 및 운영책임자 정보표
Division Name Title Affiliate Contact
General manager An Gyo Jin Manager Department of general affair 02-6911-3616
Operation manager Gwon Gi Whan Deputy manager Department of general affair 02-6911-3623

4. Image acquisition time, storage period, storage place and processing method of image information

Table for image acquisition time, storage period, storage place and processing method of image information
Image acquisition time Storage period Storage place
24 hours 7 days from image acquisition date Parking management room

- 처리방법 : 개인영상정보의 목적외 이용, 제3자 제공, 파기, 열람 등 요구에 관한 사항을 기록.관리하고, 보관기간 만료시 자동 삭제(출력물의 경우 파쇄)합니다.

5. Matters related to consignment such as installation and management of image information processing device: None applicable

6. Matters related to checking method and place of personal image information

- Checking method: If you contact the image information administrative mange in advance to visit this institute, you can check through appropriate procedures only in reasonable cases.
- Checking place: Department of general affair

7. Actions on requests such as image information reading by information subject

If you want reading, existence confirming and deletion of personal image information, you can request the operation manage of image information processing device through appropriate procedures. But they are restricted only when they are required for the interests of imminent life, body and property of the information subject or the personal image information that you acquired.
When reading, existence confirming and deletion of personal image information are requested, we will arrange the required actions through appropriate procedures.

8. Actions to secure the safety of image information

The processed image information has been safely managed through encryption. We have recorded the purpose and time of reading, reader for management when the personal image information is read. Other than that, we install the locking device for the safe physical storage of personal image information.

9. Matters on the revision of privacy policy

This image information processing policy was enacted on 22th March 2012, in case of addition, deletion and correction of contents in accordance with change of rules, policies and security technology, we will notify its causes and contents of modification at least 7 days before the execution through our homepage.
- Announcement date: March 22, 2012 / Effective date: March 30, 2012