Dongsung pharmaceutical with 60 years of history provides customer oriented total services and future oriented marketing which covers cosmetics and finished medicine.
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54 Q [General medicine] If I stop the intake of MINOXIDIL, I loose my hair?
53 Q [General medicine] I am taking blood pressure pills now, is it OK if I take it?
52 Q [General medicine] Is it OK if I exceed the specified volume for the use of wide area?
51 Q [General medicine] Why does hair loss get serious while using MINOXIDIL?
50 Q [General medicine] Side effect of MINOXIDIL
49 Q [General medicine] Difference between MINOXIDIL and Mynoxyl
48 Q [General medicine] How to use the small separation container inside of MINOXIDIL?
47 Q [General medicine] MINOXIDIL 5% is available for women use.
46 Q [General medicine] Can I take it with Joengrowhan and another cold medicines?
45 Q [General medicine] How to take Jeongrowhan
44 Q [General medicine] Can I keep eating it like a nutritional supplement or Jeongrowhan?
43 Q [General medicine] What is the reason why the sugar coated Jeongrowhan has the strong smell?
42 Q [General medicine] I got the symptom of heart pounds after taking Menzaphen Tab.
41 Q [Quasi drugs and others] Please inform how to use Bio Kill.
40 Q [Quasi drugs and others] What if Bio kill gets on your body in use.