Dongsung pharmaceutical with 60 years of history provides customer oriented total services and future oriented marketing which covers cosmetics and finished medicine.
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Dongseong Pharmaceutical leads healthy and beautiful culture.
A world where humankind is healthy and happy, Dongseong Pharmaceutical is dreaming future.
Dongsung pharmaceutical hair dyeing volunteer group

We dye love and youth.

Dongsung pharmaceutical hair dyeing volunteer group was voluntarily established to return Corporate profit to the society, enhance national health and contribute to the development of local community under the philosophy ‘serving life’ of Last honorary president, Songeum Lee SeonGyu. As Dongsung pharmaceutical has researched and developed high quality hair dye and hair products continuously based on 58 years know-how of hair dye product, we can continue various volunteer activities such as hair dye, scalp care and make-up linking with social welfare institutions.

동성제약 보도자료 목록
No. Title Registration date
5 동성제약 염색봉사단, 올해도 도봉구 어르신 염색봉사 나서 17-01-18
4 ㈜동성제약아산공장, 어르신들에게 ‘염색봉사 지원’ 17-01-18
3 동성제약, 제7회 세븐에이트데이 맞이 염색봉사 17-01-18
2 하남사회복지관-동성제약, 어르신 머리카락 염색 봉사 17-01-18
1 아산 동성제약, 온주복지관 이용자 대상 ‘염색봉사’ 17-01-17
Total list5