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제품의 제품명, 제품구분, 분류군, 보험코드, 효능효과표
Product name : Seven-Eight unflavored
Product division : Hair Dyeing Agent/Permanent Wave Agent
Classification group : Seveneight
Efficacy and effect : Dyeing of hair
Basic information
    • 특징 아이콘 이미지
    • Characteristic
    • Easy dyeing is possible without any odors indoors where ventilation is difficult, with the first non-flavor technique developed in Korea.
    • 저장방법 아이콘 이미지
    • How to Save
    • Airtight container, Stored at room temperature (1~30℃)
    • 사용법 아이콘 이미지
    • How to use
    • 1. Mix agent 1 and 2 in same ratio just before usage.
      2. Mixed fluid is evely applied, starting from the area with the most gray hairs.
      3. After letting it still for 7-8 minutes, rinse it off with special shampoo for dyed hair.
      * No. 4.5, 4.63, 5.4 is left for 20 ~ 30 minutes and then rinsed off.
    • 효능효과 아이콘 이미지
    • Efficacy and effect
    • Dyeing of hair
    • 용량 아이콘 이미지
    • Volume
    • Agent 1 - 40g
      Agent 2 - 60g