Dongsung pharmaceutical with 60 years of history provides customer oriented total services and future oriented marketing which covers cosmetics and finished medicine.
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Product name : Rannce Cream
Product division : Cosmetics
Classification group : Dongsung Rannce
Basic information
    • 특징 아이콘 이미지
    • Characteristic
    • Prevents abnormal accumulation of melanin due to UV, improving freckles and blemish
      Rannce cream shows whitening effect with alpha-bisabolol that suppresses melanin biosynthesis.
      It is a safe brightening agent with no side effect that standard whitening agent has.
    • 사용법 아이콘 이미지
    • How to use
    • As skin metabolism is most active at night (10 Pm~2 AM), focused use at that period would enable Rannce cream to show its true effect.
      It takes about a month for a new skin cell to grow and fall off. Therefore Rannce cream requires persistent use over a month.
      After using Rannce cream, sunblock must be applied at the morning.
    • 용량 아이콘 이미지
    • Volume
    • 70g
    • 전성분 아이콘 이미지
    • All components
    • Alpha-bisabolol, placenta extract, purslane extract, kojic acid, beeswax