Dongsung pharmaceutical with 60 years of history provides customer oriented total services and future oriented marketing which covers cosmetics and finished medicine.
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24 Q [Hair Dyeing Agent] I would like to know how to patch test.
23 Q [Hair Dyeing Agent] Please inform how to erase hair dye when it gets on your face or clothes.
22 Q [Hair Dyeing Agent] After I use herb color cream, I got blue hair.
21 Q [Hair Dyeing Agent] I always get the second solution left over than the first solution when I use herb color cream and ..
20 Q [Hair Dyeing Agent] Is it OK if I get a perm or a wave perm right after hair dyeing.
19 Q [Hair Dyeing Agent] Please tell the reason why the first, second solution of Seven Eight Fragrance-free is not cream co..
18 Q [Hair Dyeing Agent] What if I leave Seven Eight Fragrance-free for 7 ~ 8 minutes?
17 Q [Hair Dyeing Agent] Is Seven Eight poisoned by lacquer?
16 Q [Hair Dyeing Agent] How long does it take to receive the exchanged products again?
15 Q [Hair Dyeing Agent] I would like to know how to exchange hair dyeing products.
14 Q [Cosmetics] Difference between Langs cream and Langs Max cream
13 Q [Cosmetics] Skin laser treatments are helpful during Langs cream use?
12 Q [Cosmetics] The use order of Langs cream
11 Q [Cosmetics] Can I receive cosmetics samples prior to use cosmetics?
10 Q [Cosmetics] When do freckles and blemishes disappear after using Langs cream?