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제목 Dong Sung Bio Pharm launches three new hair colors, HEY See:real Hair Color Cotton Candy
등록일 2018-06-10 11:59:23 조회수 2587
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HEY, a self-styling brand of Dongsung Bio Pharm (CEO Lee Yang Gu) has released three new hair colors, 'HEY See:real Hair Color Cotton Candy'. 

Best reflecting the latest hair color trend of 2018, newly developed colors manifest in vivid colors that involve some hair lightening. ‘Hey See:Real Hair Color Cotton Candy’ is made up of three colors: Shooting Star and Cotton Candy Green, Popping Shower and Cotton Candy Purple, and Rocky Road and Cotton Candy Black.

Coloring with HEY See:real Hair Color Cotton Candy after bleaching, you can see the sweet and vivid cotton candy color. With partial bleaching, self-two tone or ombre hair style is also possible.

In addition, 5 kinds grain proteins with golden ration of HEY See:real hair color guarantee the realization of real coloring and the minimization of hair damage after hair dyeing.

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