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제목 Dong Sung Bio Pharm launches ‘WOW Lady’ & ‘WOW Premium’
등록일 2018-06-10 11:51:48 조회수 7540
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Dong Sung Bio Pharm has launched a line of women's personal care products: “WoW Lady” and “WoW Premium.”

‘Wow Lady’ is an incontinence pad made of 100% organic cotton to cater to customers with sensitive skin. Designed as 'ultra-slim' type, the pads offer light and comfortable fit.

‘WOW Premium’ is sanitary pad that is also made of 100% organic cotton. By using top quality controlled raw materials from Texas, United States and Japan, Dong Sung puts quality and safety at the core of product development. 

The notable benefits of organic cotton cover includes fast absorption of menstrual blood and excellent breathability. Coupled with these advantages, Dong Sung’s own deodorizing ingredient derives even more satisfactory response from customers.

‘Wow Lady’ and ‘WOW Premium’ are free of formaldehyde, fluorescent whitening agent, chemical fertilizer, etc. Especially in the case of ‘WOW Lady’, it can be used safely for both female adults as well as pregnant women. 

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