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제목 Dongsung Bio Pharm held The 2nd Songeum Health Marathon
등록일 2018-05-24 16:16:39 조회수 2345

Dongsung Bio Pharm (CEO Lee Yang Gu) held ‘The 2nd Songeum Health Marathon’ on April 1st at the Athletic Park in Donbong-gu, Seoul, Korea.

The Marathon was divided into four courses: Half, 10km, 5km, and Family Walk. Particularly, this year, the most popular courage was the Family Walk course and participants enjoyed leisure time with their family.

Lee Yang Gu, the CEO of Dongsung Bio Pharm, said in his opening speech that “The Songeum Health Marathon is held for the second time this year thanks to the support of the participants. We will work together to make this event growing every year.”

The winner of the half course came in at 1:12:59(Saendong) in the men's division and at 1:12:39(Oh Sun Mi) in the women's division. In particular, the men 's division, Saendong won first place following last year. 

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