Dongsung pharmaceutical with 60 years of history provides customer oriented total services and future oriented marketing which covers cosmetics and finished medicine.
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Dongseong Pharmaceutical leads healthy and beautiful culture.
A world where humankind is healthy and happy, Dongseong Pharmaceutical is dreaming future.
Talent donation(Employee volunteer group)

‘A serving life’ great heritage for the social return of corporate profits and the enhancement of national health

Our volunteer group was established for social contribution by leading the heritage of Chairman, Lee SeonGyu, the founder of Dongsung Pharmaceutical in 1996.
We are trying our effort to contribute the creation of happy society even a little bit by developing the volunteer culture in company and helping the vulnerable social groups.

동성제약 보도자료 목록
No. Title Registration date
28 동성제약-크레인커뮤니케이션 장수효도사진 촬영 17-01-18
27 도봉구 보건소-동성제약(주) 나눔실천 협약 체결 17-01-18
26 도봉구, 취약계층 어르신 대상 장수효도사진 촬영 행사 개최 17-01-18
25 제19회 송음의약학상 17-01-18
24 제18회 송음의약학상 17-01-18
23 제17회 송음의약학상 17-01-18
22 제16회 송음의약학상 17-01-18
21 제15회 송음의약학상 17-01-18
20 제14회 송음의약학상 17-01-18
19 제13회 송음의약학상 17-01-18
18 제12회 송음의약학상 17-01-18
17 제11회 송음의약학상 17-01-18
16 제10회 송음의약학상 17-01-18
15 제9회 송음의약학상 17-01-18
14 제8회 송음의약학상 17-01-18
Total list28